Finger.Farm: Modern Finger Hosting

Friends Finger Friends

  1. Open your Mac / Windows / Linux terminal
  2. Type:
  3. Profit

The Original Decentralized Social Network

Originally conceived as a way to get a status report on someone or something, the Finger Protocol aka RFC-742, has been around since the late 70s. Even today, the capability to finger lies dormant in every major OS.

Once upon a time, you could finger your boss, finger a vending machine, finger the weather, finger John Carmack, etc... Users would share .project and .plan files, showing their current project and plans. The original telepresence. The original Internet of Things. The original microblogging.

Although it's fallen out of fashion, finger still works and still has a valid purpose. Finger.Farm breathes new life into an ancient protocol, bringing the modern finger features and finger functions into the future.

Reach out and touch someone... Finger.Farm accounts are free, only take a second to create, and we'll never bother you about anything.

Recent Updates

[warning: content may be dubious]

Free Finger Forever

Clone our Finger.Farm GitHub Repo and host your own Finger.Farm instance or just point a subdomain CNAME at Finger.Farm so people can: finger

Whatever, it's cool. This thing is ridiculous. Enjoy!

Finger.Farm Features

Finger.Farm implements the finger protocol on top of a modern dev platform.

  • OpenSource: Node.js
  • SqliteDB

Finger.Farm is 100% free / open source and integrates with anything.

... For example, a simple Python script to sync your local .plan/.project to Finger.Farm (thx @RemyPorter!)

Status is important... and what better way to convey your current status than finger?

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